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BLADE is funded through grants from the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Army Research Office, and the Office of Naval Research.
What is BLADE?
Recent examples of ZERO-day exploits used by sites that BLADE blocks:
BLADE Demo Against a Real-world Drive-by Download Site
Youtube Demo - Click to see  BLADE Demo Against Real-world Drive-by Download Site

Imagine an Internet        without web-based drive-by malware infections...
BLADE in the News
Krebsonsecurity (02/2010),  Technology Review (02/2010)
BLADE is a new Windows immunization system that prevents surreptitious drive-by download exploits from infecting vulnerable Windows hosts.  BLADE is implemented as a series of kernel extensions, which interrupt the covert binary installation phase of current malware drive-by exploits.  We test BLADE daily against live malicious URL links across the Internet and publicly post our unfiltered and auto-generated results to BLADE's Evaluation Lab.   To date, BLADE's interception logic has demonstrated 100% effectiveness in preventing covert binary installations using the most widely deployed browsers on the Internet. Furthermore, over the past six months we have tested BLADE against the newest 0-day drive-by exploit attacks within days of their release, and none have circumvented BLADE. In our next phase, we will provide a free Internet release of BLADE for public use, which will extend our ability to harvest new malicious URLs and binaries and will help us further explore BLADE's compatibility across a larger range of computing environments and configurations.  Thanks for your interest and your patience.   

BLADE Development Team:
      Georgia Tech:         Long Lu,   Wenke Lee
      SRI International:   Phillip Porras, Vinod Yegneswaran
The Need:  
5/18/10 - 
Infection Links are everywhere.  Even on sites you think you can trust: 
                  see Dancho Danchev's "Research: 1.3 million malicious ads viewed daily".
NEW:   Learn how BLADE works.
[PDF]  -   L. Lu, V. Yegneswaran, P.A. Porras, W. Lee, "BLADE: An Attack-Agnostic Approach for Preventing Drive-By Malware Infections," in Proceedings of the 17th ACM Conference on Computer and Communiations Security (CCS 2010), Chicago, IL, October 2010.